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Maker: New Martinsville Glass Co
Color: Cobalt Blue
Made: 1932-1940
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 EducationCleaning & Caring for Antique & Depression Glass   

Cleaning & Caring for Antique & Depression  Glass

  • When you carry or move glassware, use both hands.
  • Use mild soap when washing your old glassware and never use bleach.
  • Use a plastic  bowl or  dishpan  to protect the glassware from hitting the sink. You could also line your sink with a towel.
  • Clean larger bowls and plates (such as salad or punch bowls and chargers or underplates)  on a flat surface, such as your countertop.
  • Use lukewarm water to wash and rinse, and allow glass to assume room temperature before washing.  Drastic changes in temperature may cause glass to crack.
  • Wash glass items one at a time to avoid clanging them together.
  • Use soft lint-free cloth when washing and drying.
  • Let glassware air-dry as much as possible.
  • Never wash your antique glassware in a dishwasher.  
  • Keep antique glassware out of direct sunlight and avoid extreme weather conditions and temperature changes in the storage area. (Don’t place glassware in area where vents will blown hot or cold air directly on the items. Allow items to assume a normal room temperature before  relocating  to another area, as drastic temperature changes may cause glassware to crack.)


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